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Voter Resources

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There is a need locally to coordinate state level, grassroots organizations, and voter resources for the 2020 general election through an informal collaborative to amplify non-partisan, safe, civically responsible voter engagement and advocacy efforts to citizens of Greater Cincinnati.

Greater Cincinnati
Voter Collaborative

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Track Absentee
Ballot Request

Absentee Ballot

Rather than mailing in your form, you can drive to your county board of elections and drop your request form into their 24 hour, secure dropbox. Find your county board of elections below.

How to Register
to Vote in Ohio

How To Vote
By Mail in Ohio

Voter Education Resources


Understand More About Your Ballot This November

Action Tank: Understand How Your Vote Impacts Your Daily Life

Art Works Youth Voter Guide

Find Your Board
of Elections


Don't see your county? Find more by folowing the link!

Election Hotline

We realize that there is a lot of information to know about the November 3 election. Ohio has a voter hotline for all questions leading up to the election.

Step by step guide on how to register to vote. The register to vote icon above helps you complete each step. To see a sample completed voter registration form, please visit the media tab. Please click the subtitle (CC) tab in the YouTube video for multilingual options.

Step by step guide on how to complete your vote by mail (absentee ballot request) form.

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New American Voters & Multilingual Resources

Northern Kentucky Voter Resources

Find Your Polling Location

Check you voter registration, find your voting precinct and polling location by following the link below. Just enter your information in the provided fields to find important info for election day, Nov. 3rd!

Create The Vote Coloring Book

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Help Drive Voters to the Polls

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Need A Ride to the Polls?

Text RIDE2020 to 797979 or call 513.204.9743

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Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

We are an informal, nonpartisan collaborative of local organizations who believe in amplifying safe voter engagement and advocacy efforts as well as sharing comprehensive voter resources throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Read more about our guiding philosophy and help engage others by becoming a partner.

Join the

Our Partners

Need Help?

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We realize that these unprecedented times are causing challenges to vote and are surfacing a variety of questions and concerns. The way we can overcome this is by leaning into action, to help our fellow citizens. We invite you to consider any of the following ways to get involved in ensuring our communities are informed, prepared and safe to vote during the general election.

Are you ready to be the difference?

Become a
Poll Worker

Protect Ohio
Voter Rights

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COVID-19 continues to pose risks to traditional poll workers, leading to an increase in need for more help.


Signing up means you will be trained, paid and assigned to a polling location to help runan effective operation on Election Day November 3rd.

Online Voter Events and Trainings


Youth at the Booth

Seeking High School Seniors to serve as poll workers at county boards of elections. All 17 and 18 year old senior student poll workers receive an excused absence from school and are paid for training and election day duties.

Volunteer for Fannie Lou Hamer Event

Fannie Lou Hamer, the midcentury activist for voting, civil, and women’s rights, comes to life September 23 to October 4 with the Know Theater in Fannie Lou Hamer, Speak On It!, a traveling production that recreates Fannie’s famous civil-rights rallies.

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Register to Vote Correctly

Have You Been Purged From Ohio’s Voter Rolls?

Over 115,000 Ohioans are at risk of being removed from the voter rolls after the election. Check to see if you are one.

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How to Register to Vote in Ohio

How to Vote By Mail in Ohio

Absentee Ballot Application

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